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  LAUNCHPAD – Student Portal

DeKalb County Schools introduces Launchpad, a student portal that provides access to the students’ Office 365 accounts as well as a multitude of digital academic resources which are provided by the district.  With Launchpad, students are able to integrate technology in the classroom while maximizing instructional time.  Launchpad is a dynamic tool that changes resources as the needs of the students change.  It is easily accessible from any mobile device.

Gaining access

DCSD Launchpad is accessible from any workstation or mobile device with Internet access. Students have access to email, Office online applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) as well as cloud storage. Students can use Launchpad at school or at home by going to students.dekalbschoolsga.org to access the portal. 


The student username is s + student number@dekalbschoolsga.org.

Password for students in Kindergarten: = dekalbkk



Resource Website

A resource website has been created to assist students and parents with accessing DCSD Launchpad.  This site will provide information on how to access the portal as well as address frequently asked questions.  

The website is:  http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/www/instructional-technology/launchpad



Some icons are instant login with the above information.  Others require a separate login.  These are noted below:
PebbleGo:                                       username: CORD197        password:  dekalb
World Book Kids                            username: CORD197        password:  dekalb
World Almanac Kids                     username: CORD197        password:  dekalb
BrainPop and BrainPopJr          username: CORD197        password:  dekalb
Galileo                                                                                           password is hamper through January 4, 2016

Renanassaince Learning    username:
s+student number   password:  4 digit birthday (ex. 0910 for Sept 10th)

Teaching Books
                              username: schools            password:  dekalb

                                 username: s + student number password:  mydestiny

       (after logging in, go to Catalog, then to Destiny Quest, then public Resource Lists for Book Adventure)

McGraw My Math
            username: s + student number + 5016   password:  last 5 of the student number

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